Rural and Remote Education Access Program (RREAP)

The Rural and Remote Education Access Program (RREAP) helps schools and school communities improve the educational outcomes and opportunities of students who are disadvantaged because of their geographical isolation so that students' learning outcomes match those of other students.

RREAP funds are available to assistQueensland state schools and school communities to support and enrich a curriculum that is appropriate for the educational needs of geographically isolated primary and secondary school students.

RREAP is administered by the Queensland Department of Education andTraining. Funding is available tostate primary and secondary schools, special education and distance education facilities in designated RREAP areas in Queensland.

RREAP Individual School Guidelines
School Planning Form (available in docx or pdf format)

School Cluster Committees (SCC) Funding

Membership on this committee consists of each school principal or their representative and one school parent organisation representative from each school in the cluster.

In the development of cluster projects, SCCs have the capacity to plan beyond a year. Unexpended funds can be carried over from one year to the next, but funds must be committed to a planned project using the SCC Committed Funds form.

RREAP School Cluster Committee Guidelines

Downloadable Forms

  • SCC Application and Acquittal form (available in docx or pdf format)

  • School Cluster Committee (SCC) Committed Funds form (available in docx or pdf format) - only complete this form if your SCC has unexpended funds at the end of the school year.

A Model Constitution has been developed to help SCCs with their processes and functions.

Click here to link to the adobe download site.

Community based organisations working in partnership with RREAP schools to provide extra curricular programs to school students - contact your local school for information about SCC guidelines.

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